Living in silence
Living in silence

Living in silence


Everyday inmates and their families live in silence from being extorted. They have paid thousands of dollars to the inmate or the inmate’s family that is extorting them. The inmate that is getting extorted lives in fear and silence afraid to say anything because he knows what the consequences will be of he talks. If an inmate does not pay or cannot pay interest is added or the amount of payments are raised by the one doing the extortion.


Families of the inmates that get extorted pay because the inmate calls, writes or emails saying they need money sent to this person for food, food-boxes, media, clothes or property. In all reality it is paying off a debt or they are being extorted. When an inmate cannot pay or says they are not going to pay, the inmate doing the extorting send their family members or their buddies to the homes of the families of the inmates being extorted to collect. This makes the families victims just as much as the inmates. Families and inmates feel hopeless and like they do not have options. The inmates that are doing the extortion make death threat against and cause physical harm to the inmates as well as their families.

What to know:

If you decide not pay you may still get physically harmed but you will not die while you are in prison. The inmate who is doing the extortion wants to make sure they are going to get their money before you get out of prison. Your family needs to know they can contact the Warden or Victim’s Services at the Central Office of each Department Of Corrections. Make sure your family keeps records of how much money they have sent  and to whom they have sent it to.

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