Not enough Narcan!
Not enough Narcan!

Not enough Narcan!


Last week in a Phoenix prison inmates, were told to slow down or stop doing what they were doing because there wasn’t enough Narcan. This announcement came after 11 inmates overdosed and 6 inmates died from taking drugs. These inmates were being housed in RAST MAX (aka solitary confinement). Rast Max inmates are allowed out of their cells an hour an day to go to chow and yard.

How are the drugs getting in?

Inmates in their 23 hours a day. No visits from families.  Interaction with other inmates is not allowed. How are the drugs getting into the inmates? Where were the guards when these inmates were taking these drugs? Aren’t the guards watching these inmates at all times considering some of these inmates are on suicide watch? Heroin is one of main drugs that is going through the prisons in Arizona. Fentanyl mixed with Heroin can cause death in seconds and it only takes a very small amount. The amount of a top of a sewing pin of Fentanyl that’s all it takes.


Addiction is a mental illness. Prison isn’t equipped to handle drug addiction. Prisons do not have good drug programs. And it does have easy access to drugs.  The inmates that I have spoken to all say that prison just makes better criminals. They say that the programs that they do have make you want to use again, and sometimes you can’t get into those programs. Inmates say that you can get anything you want in prison.


There is always a way to make money in prison. You can run a store, you can run the drugs for someone, you can hold something for someone, you can do “favors” for someone. Drawing and tattooing making a lot of money. The list is endless for making money in prison.


There are some states that are sending people to drug rehab facilities instead of prison. Those people are to complete the program as if they are sent to prison. Perhaps, that is a better answer because clearly prison isn’t helping or doing anything for people who have drug charges or an addiction. I feel for those 17 inmate’s families. I know that they didn’t have much communication with their loved ones before they passed away because they were in RAST MAX.  The only communication they had were letters. I can’t imagine how lonely those inmates felt and how those families feel knowing they could only write. They will never hear that loved one’s voice again. My heart goes out to them.


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  1. Bboy

    I will tell you how the drugs are getting in.. the guards!!! The guards get paid by the gangbangers and the drug dealers to bring them. I should know I used to be prison myself and I paid them to do it! Now that I’m out I cleaned myself up. Got a good life. Ain’t going back.

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