A family’s Loss
A family’s Loss

A family’s Loss

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What went wrong?:

Late last week I received a text about a guy in prison that wasn’t doing well. The inmate’s celly called for the guards. When the guards arrived to the cell they pulled the inmate out of the cell and laid him on the floor. The guards just watched him laying on the floor and did not perform CPR. The inmate died. Cause of death unknown.


The guards are all trained in CPR and Frist Aid. If COVID 19 is an issue there are masks you can buy. These masks have a one way valve so the person is getting what you have, but you cannot get what they have. The reason that CPR was not performed is unknown.

Inmate training:

Perhaps, all inmates should be trained and certified in CPR and First Aid.  So many things in prison  can cause someone to have medical issues, like drug overdose, allergic reactions and physical bodily harm.   Inmates having the training could help the inmates and notify the guards when there is a medical emergency.  It does not cost that much to get the training.  If the inmates had been trained at the time, this death may not have occurred.

Hearts go out:

Prison is difficult enough without worrying that someone did not do something to save your loved ones. Theses are senseless tragedies that did not need to happen. My heart goes out to this family and other families that have lost someone in prison.

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