A Mother’s Love
A Mother’s Love

A Mother’s Love


Her story begins:

She and her husband adopted a child late in life. Their son was addicted to drugs when he was born. He did well until his teens when started using after an inujry. Then he started getting into trouble and eventually went to prison. His first time in prison was in a private prison. He started using drugs and couldn’t pay so he owed the wrong people and had debt. She  did not understand how the whole prison thing worked at the time because she did not know anyone that had been to prison before. As mother you worry so much about the child and will do anythng to protect your child. So when your son calls and says “mom I need $500.00″ you send $500.00 not knowing any better. The next time her son calls and says”mom I need $700.00 dollars or I will get beat up” she pays.

Things she didn’t know:

While her son was in the private prison, a couple of Sergeants called her and asked to meet with her. The mom went to the prison and meet with them. At this meeting the Sergeants told this mom that if she didn’t stop puttng money on someone else’s book she would be arrested. The mom left that meeting and called the prison and found out that was not true. This mom found out that the inmates have ways of contacting the family on the outside. She was getting text messages,  and letters saying that she needs to pay or harm would come to her son.

Kept paying:

At this time this mom, felt alone, very frustrated, and heartbroken. She knew that her son going to prison would be difficult but not this difficult. This mom does not thing worry about her son getting beat up if she doens’t pay on time.  And she has learned that there is interest added everyday that goes by when she doesn’t pay and that interested is $100.00 to $200.00 dollars a day.  Her son gets released she had paid closed to $10,000.00 dollars.

Oh No!

Her son gets into trouble again and goes back to prison this time for a long time. He goes to the a state prison.  She thinks her son is safe from the inmates who extorted them from the last prison. Wow, she was wrong. The inmates that exorted them are now in the state prison and the debt isn’t gone. The debt is higher because it has been sitting there for awhile collecting interest. Her son meets another inmate who doen’t do drugs and he starts working out with this inmate and does well for awhile. And the mom talks and meets the other inmates family. The prison decides to seperate the  two inmates. They both go to different yards and have no contact with each other. The one continues to workout and the other starts getting extorted again this time for large amounts of money.

No Money!

The mom can not pay this debt. As hard as she tries to explain that to her son, he just doesn’t seem to understand. The mom keeps asking the  other family what do. The other family says call the Warden, go to Specail Victims Unit and don’t pay the money. Her reply is “that they will kill my son”.  The other family’s reply is “No they won’t yes they might beat him up a few times but not kill him”.  She calls the Asisstand Deputy Warden several times to try to get her son moved to another yard. When she calls a few days later the prison staff say they are working on but at this point they do not have anywhere to place him. Her son just keeps calling saying ” I need the money or they will beat me up”.

The Toughest Thing:

One of toughest things she has ever done was not be in contact with her son for awhile. Her son just didn’t get it and it was to much. Her son was not understanding that she didn’t have the money and his dad had already said “no more money” for their son. He didn’t understand the heavy weight she felt and carried with her because for first time since she adopted him she couldn’t protect him or take care of him. This was breaking her heart, very stressful and she just didn’t know what to do.  She knew it had to stop. And if she kept paying she will always keep paying. It will never stops.


Thing she learned:

I have learned that I am not alone. There are families out there that are going through the same things that I am with loved ones being in prison. Those families are a great support system. I have learned that when you are being extorted that the only way to make it stop is to stop paying it and report it. I have learned that your loved one also needs to help with the situation because you can’t do it alone.


This happens to so many people. When will extortion stop?

Do you know someone that is being extorted or has been extorted for a lot of money?

What are you thoughts?


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