Falsely Accused!!
Falsely Accused!!

Falsely Accused!!


Can anyone relate?

I have been out of prison 9 months after doing 5years and 6 months. Being out of prison has been tough enough. When you add a girlfriend and her family of cops that is for sure to be a disaster. Let me give the background story. My girlfriend and I had been on and off for about 5 months. She would leave for a few days then come back. She would go see her mother and come back with this raging attitude. Clearly they didn’t get along. I thought this was the end I was wrong. We had a fight and she was going away again not surprising this time it was only for two days.

Two days turns into a week!

She left, on the second day I’m calling and texting. Hey are you  home? Hey are you coming home? No answer.  Ok cool. I go out, meet people and hang out with friends. I go to a pool party. Well that got her attention. Instagram is great! Now, she’s angry but still not coming home she says, “we’ll talk when I get home”.  Now I start thinking to myself this is enough, to much and to much craziness. I broke up with her in a text message. I know what you’re thinking, not the best way.  I really didn’t want to talk to her anymore. I had met someone and we were going to give it a go. She comes home and says “We need to talk”. Oh here we go. I met up with her, she’s yelling, I get out of the truck.  She starts throwing coffee all over my truck as I’m getting out.  I just walk away. A few minutes later I come back, ask if shes calmed down. Nope now she takes a wrench to my truck, she breaks the tail light as she’s leaving. I call the police, my mom and my grandmother. They all come to where I am.

The police:

He takes my statement. I go home. Oh my goodness. She smoked pot in my house and stole my puppy. I’m freaking out. I’m on probation and my puppy is my whole world and he has been helping with my PTSD. I call my mom. She tells me to call the police again and file a report. Luckily I get the same police officer. My mom send her a text message and says if you his puppy you should take him back, The fight is between the two of you and the puppy has nothing to do with it. Five minutes later she shows up with the puppy. The police officer said this is a “he said /she said”type of situation so he wasn’t going to arrest her. What? How is this even happening right now? If I had been the one who did all of this I would have been sitting in jail for awhile, no questions asked.

The things that followed:

The next day she’s calling and texting me telling me she’s pregnant.What? Well kind of interesting since she said that was kind of difficult since she had some medical problems that prevents that from happening. What game is this woman playing. This is the day she went and got a Restraining Order. Only I didn’t know she did this. She told my mom in a text that she would go get one if our cousin didn’t stop threatening her. We don’t have any cousins here and none that would threaten her. So I meet with her, she says she’s pregnant. I say ok my mom says I need to take my part in being responsible. Let me know what arrangement you want to set up and when you need money. Well I guess she didn’t like that answer.

I’m being detained:

This is the very next day. I’m out with the new girlfriend and we go to her house. All of sudden I have about 20 police officers on top of me. I have two police departments from two different cities and a gang task force and Parole/Probation Officer. The PO is searching my truck and my cell about 6 times. They didn’t tell me why was I was being detained. It was 2 hours later that they decided to hand me the restraining order.. The restraining order was printed out on ticket paper and missing information. I have to court tomorrow get the information.  This  looks like the beginning of a set up done by her and her mother. I’m going back to prison for about 40 years. The RO is for threatening and harassment. She said I was sending her threatening text messages. That wasn’t me.

It’s gets better and better:

It’s Friday. I get up early, go the courthouse. One is closed, I go to another. They can’t help,  off to another one. Nope no luck. I go to the police station. They say I don’t have all the pages and can’t help me. I go home. Knock at the door. I look out there’s a guy, it’s the process server. Finally, I get what I need. I get ready to go to my mom’s house, another knock at the door. It’s a lady, she’s cop pretending to be a mom of child who  has a ball in my backyard. I told her she’s not a mom she’s a cop. I leave my house. Two minutes down the road. I’m pulled over. 6 cop cars and 12 cops with their guns drawn on me telling me to get out of the truck with my hands up. One city police department, gang task force and no PO this time.

I’m being arrested:

I’m being arrested on the side of road. The gang task force is kind of stripping me right there on the side of the road looking at all my tattoos. They said I was being arrested for harassment.  Didn’t give me a chance to ask for an attorney or a PO. If I catch whatever charges and I can’t get out of them I will be looking at 45 years or more in prison because of my first crime. That case was stacked and I took a deal.  If I ever got into trouble again I would have to the rest of those years plus whatever the new charges are. Now, I’m being set up for something I didn’t do. All because I broke up someone over a text message.

In Jail:

No one can find me, not even attorneys my family has hired. My charges aren’t listed like they are supposed to be. The jail hasn’t set up my phone.  My phone isn’t set up and no tablet. I have to use someone’s tablet to call my family.  When you look me up it says 10 charges then 3 charges, then I completely disappear. She and her mom has some DA’s handwritten  letter saying I was the most dangerous person, I should have a 6 figure bond and never be let our of prison for a very long time. When you look up my arrest warrant it is from 2018.


I was released from prison a week later on probation violations. My PO gave me more restrictions and community service now. I have learned a lot going through all of this. The games people play and how some people are so willing to destroy your life. It’s the end of July and I just now was able to get the RO dismissed in court. The ex-girlfriend has been playing these games with me since I was arrested in June. Finally, she’s getting charges against her for breaking her own RO. RO’s work both ways. Since my release I have new employment, someone new that I’m dating and I’m starting a business. Everyday I live in fear that I’m going to get arrested again or that my ex and her mother are going to plant drugs in my house while i”m at work but life is getting better.


Important Information:

  1. If you are one parole or probation you must have a parole/ probation officer with you anytime any law enforcement comes to talk to you. That’s the Law!
  2. If you are on parole/probation the only one who is allowed to search you without a warrant is a PO.
  3. When someone falsely accuses you a crime you possibly can have them arrested for the false charges depending on the charges and how much you messed up someone’s life.
  4. When you falsely accuse someone that person can sue and they can add pain and suffering to that lawsuit. They can add they attorney fees and court fees.
  5. When you are falsely accused and arrested the way this person was he can sue the police departments.  His rights were violating when he didn’t have a PO when he was arrested.
  6. If a police officer looks up on a work computer a person that they are not investigating that is illegal and you can go to internal affairs for that.
  7. Keep up with the laws because their is a new law that says pregnant woman can not just say a person is the father. This is a new law in Arizona.
  8. When you commit a crime and you don’t serve time for but you 5 years that the state can charge you for it. That is how this polite officer and daughter were able to have this individual arrested in the beginning. They used one of his charges from his past case and then added new charges to case. So always check to see what open cases you have.
  9. It is illegal to have an County Attorney or District Attorney write any kind of letter for you or against a person in pice custody jail or prison.




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