When will they catch on?
When will they catch on?

When will they catch on?


Maricopa County Jail In Phoenix Arizona:

As many of you who follow me know I don’t usually use names of anyone or places I write about.  However, I feel this one needs to be exposed for many reasons. This is one of the toughest jails in Phoenix to be in while waiting to be bailed out or during your trial. These jails have everything from physically assaulting inmates almost to death. Sexually assaulting inmates and physically assaulting them for reporting misconduct of guards. Barely feeding inmates, not allowing inmates to see their legal counsel, consistent lockdowns, threats by guards, and no showers every day.

A little history:

If are familiar with “Tent City” then you know it was about 2000 tents in the heart of Phoenix.  Phoenix in the summertime will reach 118 degrees for several days. One of the past sheriffs had the brilliant idea of putting our people who were incarcerated in the heat and the cold in tents wearing pink jumpsuits. His idea came from the military. He said if they can live like that during the war in other countries so can our inmates. So, he went out, found tents and metal beds as he could, and made tent city. In my opinion, the pink jumpsuits were meant to be humiliating not to teach a lesson. But, be truth told I don’t think many of them cared. It doesn’t get much worse than that. The Sheriff and the County were sued for 240 million dollars by the Department of Justice for a long list of reasons.

Next Sheriff:

New Sheriff, tent city has been dismantled,  the pink jumped have been removed. This time a man gets physically assaulted by a couple of sheriffs while in custody. He was kicked over 50 times and it took over 2.5 hours to get medical assistance. This was a huge lawsuit. Almost 12 million dollars were awarded for this attack. Now, the treatment of others is still the same. Very little food, no showers, threats by guards, no legal counsel visits, lockdowns, and physical assaults to inmates. This Sheriff resigns.

Current Sheriff:

Currently, this Sheriff is more concerned about his new animal shelter, our sports teams, and being in the public eye. Don’t get me wrong supporting your hometown sports teams is important. I love animals, I have 3 dogs myself. However, when you have inmates who are having their constitutional rights being violated, that is where your focus should be. You’re the sheriff, so where are the programs for young kids to get help if they need it, or programs to learn a different way than what they know now? Like anti-drug programs, nonviolence against women programs, stay out of gangs programs, programs to get kids off the streets, or women shelters? Everyone is talking about reform, rehabilitation, and reentry programs for inmates but the inmates keep going back. And the jails are just as bad if not worse as they were before. Why?

Maricopa  County Jail:

On the PC yard, you get a small roll, a scoop of jelly, and a small bag of animal cookies for breakfast whenever they want to bring you breakfast. No lunch ever. Dinner is a scoop of beans that are way overcooked, a scoop of “slop” a small dinner roll. Dinner is served 12-15 hours after breakfast. If you’re lucky you have family that can help with commissary, but you only get it every 2 weeks, and if the CO feels like handing it out. Showers every 3 days, tablets and phones if you’re not locked down but they are locked down almost every day or every other day. Yard is one an hour if you’re not locked down and not every day. Legal counsel, bring you to your scheduled visit or phone call otherwise you miss it. Now that is a huge violation. As an inmate, you are never supposed to be denied legal counsel. Animals in a shelter get better treatment these people in jail do. The bottom line these are people who may or may not have  done something. No one deserves to be treated this way ever.  More lawsuits waiting to happen. How much can a city pay and keep paying? What if it was someone you loved?

Let me know what you think. As always I love your comments. If you have a story please let me know. I would love to share it. Until next time.


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