Importance of Affection & Touch
Importance of Affection & Touch

Importance of Affection & Touch

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Affection is something everyone has everyday. People do not think about affection.  When you’re in prison affection isn’t something you get much of, if at all. Affection is a type of an emotion between people. People  have to have social interaction to be healthier and happier. This type of social interaction can exist on varying levels through communication, writing, hanging out,  phone calls and helping out people.

Affection makes us feel secure, wanted, helps us grow, provides a home, offers advice in a crisis, fulfills a need and solidifies desires and makes you feel better.  Some say affection is a step above love. People are affectionate with their pets, children, parents, siblings, romantic partners and friends.

Affects of Affection:

Highly affection people have better mental health and have less stress in their lives. They have better work lives and work ethics.  They have a better stress response. Affection has many health benefits and many benefits in general.

  1.  Having less conflicts and arguments
  2. Lower blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar and stress response.
  3. Higher relationship satisfaction.
  4.  Showing affection can predicts martial love.
  5. Releases the stress hormone in the brain.
  6. Puts you in a better for tomorrow.
  7. Builds intimacy


Everyone everyday has physical touch. Again you’re in prison this something you do not get much of, if at all. And if you do, it is not always in a positive way.  Touch is a universal gesture of goodwill and openness; it also determines trustworthiness. It promotes less violence in some situations. Touch creates maternal bonding in new parents and brain development in babies. Touch has many benefits like affection.

  1. Physical touch increases levels of dopamine and serotonin two neurotransmitters that help regulate your mood and relieves stress and anxiety.
  2. Regulates the pleasure center of the brain that can offer feelings of anxiety
  3. Releases oxytocin a hormone that reduces pain and causes calming sensations.
  4. Keeps the doctor away, you’re healthier and happier.
  5. Strengthens team dynamics by building non-sexual intimacy.
  6. Promotes trust and security.
  7. Inspires positive thinking.
  8. Reduces social anxiety and stress
  9. Boost immune system and lowers blood pressure.

My Own Realization:

I was with a friend who was released from prison in February and we were talking when I touched his arm and he said ” oh that had distracted him”. I asked what he meant by that. He said that he has not had any affection or physical touch in five years since he has been in prison. That made me so sad. I instantly thought about my own son being in prison right now. I come from a “touchy, feely” kind of family who is affectionate all the time. Thinking about being that way isn’t something that we do it is just second nature to us. We have never thought  about not having that never occurred to us at all. Then when we think about how many inmates that do not have that because they are not in contact with their families is extremely heart breaking. More so now that COVID 19 has shut down prisons and families cannot visit. So, I encourage you to pick up a pen and write an inmate. I know they love getting mail even from strangers.

Let me know what your thoughts are on this subject. If you need to know how to contact inmates email me and I can get you the info.



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