Treatment of Inmates
Treatment of Inmates

Treatment of Inmates



When you enter prison you have committed a crime. The officers disrespected, humiliated, and insulated you. Everyday the officers harass and put you down. You have low self-steam you get in trouble. Inmates look for fights, they disobey orders and riots start in the prisons.


Individuals with disabilities in prisons do not have a chance. Officers do not know how to handle them. Inmates take advantage of them. The individuals do not how to defend themselves and most of time they do not understand what is going on. This is not a place where people with disabilities need to be at all.

Protective Yards(PC):

Everyone in a protective yard(pc) is not a “snitch”.  This is a misconception in prisons. Sometimes they are in pc yards for having their lives threatened. Inmates can leave county jails as an pc inmate for various reasons. When the inmates get to prisons officers assume they are “snitches”.



Officers do not go through enough training to handle certain situation such as individuals with disabilities. Trainings are out there for no violence in the work place. Violence in the work place breeds violence in the workplace. There is a training on Ethics, Diversity and etc.  One day these officers may find themselves in prisons. Hope for Change Training and Consultants LLC has a good training program in Mesa AZ.


People always say think about what is good enough for your mom, dad, brother or sister but it is not, it is you. Remember, “GEM” what is good for me!


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