Wrong punishments
Wrong punishments

Wrong punishments

Loss of Privileges:

When you get into trouble in prison you lose privileges. Privileges are no phones, tablets and no visits If you had you have a job you may lose a job your if you have a dirty UA.  You may go to the solitary confinement(the hole), you will get tickets and lose good time. Here is the problem when you lose your phone calls and visits, it is for several months to years. This is a violation of your rights and should not be allowed. The problem with all these loss of privileges is that they do not solve the problem and inmates do not learn anything from them.


These consequences are something that you would give  a two year. A phone call and a visit are equivalent to losing your toys for a day or not going to the park or playing outside for the day. In Solitary confinement the inmate has to much time to sit there and think, and depending on how long they are in there it will cause them to go crazy literally.  It just the inmates more time to come with things to do when they get their privileges back, causes more stress, frustration and more anxiety. These are grown adult men and women. In many ways the whole prison system is on a very childish level.


There are many alternatives that can be used. These alternatives losing communication with families and making them completely isolated. These alternatives are also more age appropriates, keeps them busy and gives back. It is has been proven in many studies that the mind works much better when there is learning, being busy and physical activity all the time verses sitting around doing nothing. Here are things that could be done and programs that could be created to help with “punishments” within the prison.

  1. Washing the walls- there are many walls that need to be washed down from germs daily.
  2. Painting the walls- you won’t have to pay a company to paint
  3. Reading to the elderly/ terminally ill inmates- they could use the attention
  4. Helping the inmates that do not read as well- this will help them learn to read better
  5. Helping with the inmates that have English as a Second Language- this will help them speak English better
  6. Gardening- this is relaxing, you could sell the fruits and vegetables to a farmers market
  7. Landscaping- this will keep your grounds weeds free
  8. Make cards, calendars, dreamcatchers and artwork to send out to make money for inmates who do not always have money to buy clothes, blankets, sheets, towels, shoes, and etc.
  9. Host Support Groups Weekly- Talk about gangs, drugs, alcohol, loss and etc.
  10. Writing letters for other inmates- helping inmates that can not read or write or have disabilities
  11. Help inmates that have disabilities- help in anyway with this individual that needs care, be a buddy to this individual, teach tolerance to others
  12. Design a workout program-Get everyone up and moving.

Positive Outcome:

If these things were done, inmates would feel better about themselves. Inmates would have a much higher self-esteem, less anxiety and frustration. There would be less fighting, and less confrontation and less time to fight with each other. Money would be made for inmates and the prison  for much needed items that inmates and their families that they cannot afford. Loss of communication and violation of rights would not be happening as well.

What are your thoughts?

How often does this happen to your loved ones?


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