Becoming a product of their environment
Becoming a product of their environment

Becoming a product of their environment

An Officer’s Story:

In prison there are a hundred inmates to one officer. There are situations that become dangerous. Some officers become afraid,  some turn the other way,  and others take bribes. The officers become part of the environment after so many years. The minds of the officer’s become criminal. There are some officers that do help inmates in positive ways.  The officers that do help have to be secretive.

Criminal Minds:

The officers put inmates safety in jeopardy. They bring drugs and cell phones in to the prisons for self gain. They give information about other inmates to other inmates in other yards. Officers look the other way while inmates are fighting. Officers are setting inmates up to get into fights for leaving a yard for refusing to house with someone.  They come in and yell at inmates. Come in and go through inmates property for no reason.  A lot of these things are for personal financial gain. Inmates are paying the officers for the officers to look the other way or to bring in the drugs or phones.


Officers will extort inmates by using families to get information about other inmates. They will say they will charge family members will money laundering if the inmate doesn’t tell them what they want they want to know. Then the inmate gets tickets, loses privileges and gets a “snitch” label on them when they go back to the yard. Making them a target. Now, they have to go into protective custody. When the truth is the officers can not put a ” money laundering charge on any family.  It is a scare tactic that the officers use to get what they want from the inmates.


Department of Corrections need to provide better training. To teach the officers that inmates are human beings. That even though inmates committed a crime they are still people. They can change and still be rehabilitated. They can live productive lives in society if the proper programs are in place. Those programs need to be available to all inmates before leaving prison. If the officers had the proper training it would benefit the inmates and help the inmates tremendously as well. The Department of Corrections needs to have multiple trainings on a regular basis, have psychological exams on a regular basis, and cameras with audio and vision in all areas of the prison.

What goes on in your in states?

What happens in the prisons in your states?


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