Unwanted Babies!!
Unwanted Babies!!

Unwanted Babies!!

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Prisons are sterilizing men and women without their knowledge or consent. Prisons across the United States have a long history of sterilization that were done with and many times without consent or knowledge of inmates. Most people don’t even realize that sterilization can still  be perform legally. Sterilization was used as a tool for the idea of eugenics.


Was a commonly accepted means of protecting society from offspring (and therefore equally suspect) of those individuals deemed inferior or dangerous -the poor, the disabled, the mentally ill, the criminals, and people of color.  This procedure is to keep women from having “unwanted babies”.


State programs were driven in part by anti- Asian, anti Mexican prejudice and Southern states also employed sterilization as a means of controlling African American populations. “Mississippi appendectomies” was another name for the unnecessary hysterectomies performed at teaching hospitals in the South on women of color as a practice for medical students.

Under Age:

A third of the sterilizations were done on girls under the age of 18, even as young as 9. The state also targeted individuals as “delinquent” or “unwholesome”. It’s estimated that 25-50 percent that Native American women were sterilized between 1970 and 1976. Forced sterilization programs are also a part of Puerto Rico. In history, their rates are to be the highest in the world.


After having this procedure there are several women that have regret. Many women between the age of 18-30 that ask to have to the procedure reversed. Many women want to be able to have children later on in life. Many women want to be able to make the choice to have this procedure done. Not to have the choice made for them. This procedure should only be done if it is medically necessary. Otherwise it should always be the woman’s choice.


More laws should be passed to stop this from happening in every state, in every prison to protect every man and women. It should be the right of the man or woman to make the choice with knowledge and consent  to make that choice. They should have the full understanding of what it means and what it will mean in the future for them.


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