Broken Hearts
Broken Hearts

Broken Hearts

A Sudden Death:

I received a call from a friend asking me to post this story. Another inmate has died in prion. DOC failed to help an inmate over a toothache. The inmate’s toothache became infected. An infection that became a severe infection that spread to the inmate’s heart and blood.

In the Hospital:

In the hospital the infection had spread to his brain, causing him to have seizures and eventually going in to a coma. When he was in coma there was no brain activity.  He was put on machines to keep his other organs alive.  A few days later,  the family made the decision to pull the plug.

Other Families:

Other families are fearful that this could happen to them or someone that they could know.  Anyone that has a loved in prison feels like inmates are not treated like people. They are people and need to be treated better!! This could have been avoided if someone just taking the time to listen when the inmate said he had pain and had taken him to medical.

My Heart:

My heart goes out this family. I worry about my loved one in prison everyday. It is not easy having a loved one in prison.


Please send your thoughts and prayers to this family.

Please let me know your thoughts….





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