Inmates are not farm animals!!
Inmates are not farm animals!!

Inmates are not farm animals!!

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Covid has been around for over a year and is all over the news. Like many of us we are trying to get back to a normal life. However, now here comes the variants of COVID and this seems to be a neverending thing. So, many people are trying  including Ivermectin. Ivermectin is an antic-parasite drug frequently used as a dewormer on animlas. It is not recommend or approved as treatment for COVID. Some jails and prisons are giving this medication to inmates that COVID.


Ivernmectin is used to prevent heartworms and other parasites in animals such as horses and cow. Ingesting high concentrated amounts of Ivermectin can cause serious harm even death. Calculations of Ivermectin are measured out according to size and weight of the animal.


After giving Ivermectin the faciliticies, had a whistleblower and their physicians are under an investigation. But what happens to those inmates that took the medication? The same facailities also asked for a 10% increase in a medical service contract. That doesn’t seem to be fair either.  They are the ones who put inmates in harms way by giving them medication that is used for animals that could cause serious medical issues or death.


I have been saying this for awhile there needs to be better medical care in the prison system. There are inmates needs that are not being met. Inmates have rights also even though they may have committed crimes too!!


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