Maggots in the kitchen!!
Maggots in the kitchen!!

Maggots in the kitchen!!

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Buffet lines:

Have you ever eaten at a restaraunt that has a buffet? Then you know the heating trays and and tables I’m about to talk about.  I have a dear friend in a private prison in Arizona that called me on Sunday. He was very angry and very digusted that when he went to chow Sunday morning and there were maggots The heating trays and tables had maggots underneath the heating coils. My friend explained that after he found this out he went into the bathrooom and threw up!

Kitchen Staff:

Private prison are not run the same as state prisons. I asked my friend if the health department comes in to inspect. He said they do but obviously they missed something. My friend explained that the heating coils are under a plate, then a tub of water and then there are the heating coils. On the outside of these trays there is supposed to be a seal of some sort so the food and water can not slip down underneath where the water and heating coils are. There is not seal. My friend said that when the kitchen staff lifted up the tray and heating coils there was black water and maggots.

The Inmates:

The inmates instantly became irate and started scrambling for food. All the inmates decided not to go to chow. Some of the inmates had food because they buy from the commissary, others did not. The ones that did not started bartering for food. Some traded phone calls, certain items, and anything else for food. There are many inmates that do not have money on their books for food so they can not buy food from the commissary or buy from other inmates. This incident could or could have started a riot. Prisons do not feed inmates enough food as it is. Now they have to deal with maggots in their food or around their food. Who knows  how long those maggots that have been there?

Months ago:

Several months ago, I wrote a blog on what inmates eat. I wrote that the government gives these institutions plenty of money to feed the inmates but the money does go for food. I do not know where it goes. Every time someone brings up the issue food the institutions always say ” we have dieticians that work on our on diet plans for the inmates”. Well maybe so, but not the same diet is going to work for everyone. There are some inmates in there who weigh 230lbs or more. They do not need a 18oo calorie diet they are going to need more. I have several friends in several states and they all say the same thing about the food, especially when it comes to the meat. I think it is a “meat product of some type.”


I will keep saying it over and over “the changes need to happen because inmates are still people even though they have committed a crime.” They do not deserve to be treated the way they are being treated. I wish I had a way to make changes but I don’t. I wish I could make the changes but I don’t.  I can only hope that one day change will happen.


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  1. Moma

    This is unbelievable…and complete wrong..what is wrong with these prison I know they are making why can’t they put the money towards the inmates and treat them like human beings?

  2. Jason

    You go moma!!!I was in prison and the food sucked!! I traded tattoos for food all time since my family didn’t have the money to put on my books all the time. I had to be really careful not catch tickets or sent the hole for tattooing but it was so worth it not to eat in the chow hall every day.

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