A mother’s worse nightmare
A mother’s worse nightmare

A mother’s worse nightmare

The phone rings:

About two weeks ago a friend called me to ask me how a mom could get information on her son’s death. This mom got a call from the Chaplin saying that her son had died last night in his prison cell. When the mom asked what happened to her son the Chaplin said he couldn’t tell her anything at all. The Warden hadn’t called and was supposed to call her tomorrow.  I informed the mom that called me tell the mom to call the Warden and let them know that her attorney would be in contact with them if she didn’t get an answer about her son. This is her story and she asked me to write in hopes that no one else has to go through what she has.

Prison Life:

Her son has been in prison for several years and she has not had contact with him for several years. He attempted to escape prison a year ago by climbing over the barbed wire. He had several deep cuts; it took the CO’s hours to follow the blood trail to find the inmate that tried to escape. After finding him, he was moved to the psych ward in a different prison. The only contact he could have with his mom was through letters when he was in the psych ward. His mom hadn’t spoked to him on the phone in several years.

Days before he died:

Her son had sent a couple boxes home. His mom didn’t open the boxes to see what was in the boxes. The son was able to talk the CO into calling his mom for the time in years.  The mom didn’t think anything of the boxes or the phone call. Everything seemed fine. Her son didn’t seem any different or say anything that would give her any clue or idea that something was wrong. After that phone call he hung himself in his cell.

Warden’s call:

She speaks to the Warden. The Warden says that her son had committed suicide in his cell two days ago. He had hung himself with his sheet in the cell.  After speaking to the Warden, she opened the boxes to find his property. She realized that he had sent all his property home to her a week before he took his own life. His mom says it was made public that he was in prison for triple murder. She also says that nasty people are coming out of the woodwork, and they say he can rot in hell.  AZDOC posted his name and crime on their website. My question is how did this happen? He was in the psych ward so where were the CO’s? How often are the inmates checked on while they are in the cells in the psych ward?

Her loss:

I know that this is a difficult story because of several point of views and deaths. I feel for everyone that is involved. I feel for all the families that are involved in this story. I know that it was someone mother, daughter, son, father or brother that has died in this story. It is sad that so many people have lost their lives here. However, people do not have to be cruel when someone is mourning the loss of someone.




    1. Hi, I’m so sorry and I hope this can bring Justice to anyone that this has happened to. I hope this blog brings awareness to many people out in the world and it can bring some peace knowing that I am trying. I am so sorry.

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