Opening for Visits
Opening for Visits

Opening for Visits

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It’s a been a year!

Prisons are finally opening their doors for visits but will you be allowed in? Some prisons are saying that if you do not have your vaccines and proof of vaccines you will not be allowed in.  Not all inmates have their vaccines and have been allowed to deny the vaccine. That is their legal right to do so. Just as it is your legal right to do to so.


Inmates are already getting upsetting and frustrated. They feel that is unfair and violating their rights. They feel that it is has been a long time that they haven’t seen their families and loved ones. They feel that if the rest of the world can go out and practice safety precautions why can’t the prison? If the outside world isn’t required to show proof why is the prison?


Employers can not ask to see your vaccine documentation. Some employers are offering bonuses if you have your vaccine and if you choose to give them  a copy of your vaccine documentation. However, they can not make you give them a copy of it because it violates the HIPPA and the Confidentiality Law that protects your medical records.  Employers can put a vaccination policy in place however that still cannot make you get the vaccine. Title VII which Religious beliefs. The Government has turned down putting the information on your passports that you have received the vaccine for this very reason.


So, the question becomes can the prison stop you from entering the if you do  not have the vaccine and documentation stating that you did have the vaccine. It also violates the rights of inmates from not having their visits if they are not loss of privileges (L.O.P). The prison should be able to do the same safety precautions as every other establishment. 6 feet social distances, require everyone to wear mask, hand sanitizer and wipe every down in between visits.

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