Horrifying things
Horrifying things

Horrifying things

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Not to long ago two men tied rubber bands around their testicles so that they would fall off. When that did not work they cut them off with tweezers in the bathroom.  The two inmates then proceeded to run out into the yard hitting other inmates in the face with their testicles in a bag yelling “I just punch you in the face with my balls”. All because they prison will not operate on them and allow them to have a sex change in prison.


How no one notice the amount of blood that was coming down their legs is a good question.  Not sure how these two inmates did not get any infection. I asked around to see if these inmates had access to any rubbing alcohol,  Neosporin, gauze or any medical supplies. The response was they could have received it from someone who might have had surgery in the past but highly unlikely. How did  the guards not notice someone running around hitting other inmates in the face with something  in a bag that had blood on it?

Where are the guards?

Did the guards not hearing screaming coming from the bathroom when they were cutting their testicles off with tweezers? I would think that had to be an un-describable level of pain and I’m sure there was screaming involved. So how did the guards miss all of that.

No Medical Care

After operating on themselves, these inmates still did not receive medical care. One has gone home and one will go home next year. If prisons are aware of these things happening why not just do the surgeries? There are so many deaths that are occurring in prisons now for things like toothache’s that become dangerous infections, to unknown causes, why add self removal of body parts?

Violating Rights?

Not operating for the sex change be violating their rights? If they were out on the streets they could have have operation anytime they want.  It is their choice to have the sex change operation in or out of prison. The inmates should not have to go to extreme measures to have the changes they want made to their bodies in prison.


What are your thoughts?

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