The truth and Nothing but the Truth
The truth and Nothing but the Truth

The truth and Nothing but the Truth


I told the truth:

This is what happpen to me when I told the truth. Currently I am in prison and I am drug addict. I have been in prison before,  this is the longest sentence that I have. I have a drug debt that has carried over from years ago. I won’t lie some of the debt is from this time down but I have been clean for awhile now.  My family and I have been extored for thousands of dollars that we can no longer pay for.  My life has threatened. I have been physically assulted more times than I can count. My family has had phone calls threatening their lives and mine. It is out of control.This is how I ended up in RAST.

The Yard:

I was in what they call “RTH’ Resfuse To House it is kind of like the hole but it technically does not exist on the prison grounds in the pirson that I am currently in. So, I am there for several months, and when you are there you get nothing barely any food, commissary is only your personal items, two  phone calls a day to your family, yard an hour a day and a shower. That’s it! Positive thing I’m not getting phusically harmed but I have nothing. The prison knows I have do not house with certain inmates. After months of being in “RTH” the prison decides to put me back out on a yard. So what do they do, put me on the yard with the inmates that I am not supposed to be around. The inmates that are extorting me for thousands of dollars.

Months later:

After months of being extorted and physically harmed my family cuts me off . I finally decided to go back to “RTH”. This time they put in RAST which is the same thing. My family has called the prison and they  told them what has been going on. I told the CO3  that I used to use drugs and they gave me two tickets. One was for drugs and the other was for being disrespectful. I lost all my privileges, my level and visits because I told the truth. When I am let out oif RAST I have to go to a 4 yard. When you have your hearing they do not believe you. When you have an investigation they do not believe you. When you talk to officers they do not believe you. In prison all they see is an inmate. Someone that has done a crime. Someone that will lie, cheat , steal, murder, or whatever you have done to get here. They do not even treat us like we are humans so, why would we as inmates ever think that they would think that we are capable of telling the truth?


Unfortunately this happens all the tme. Let me know what you think.

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